Institute of Genetics and Cancer

IGMM seminar series 2016

The IGMM Seminar Series attracts distinguished scientists from around the world working in the fields of genetics, molecular medicine and cancer research, and whose research complements that being done at IGMM.



Unless stated, all seminars take place on Thursdays at 1pm in the IGMM Lecture Theatre 

Thursday 14 January: Non-codin solutions to developmental challenges

Dr Donal O’Carroll, Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Host: Dr Ian Adams

Thursday 21 January: The control of T cell metabolism and differentiation

Professor Doreen Cantrell, University of Dundee

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore


Thursday 4 February: Lost in translation; dysregulated protein synthesis in neuropsychiatric disorders

Dr Christos Ckogkas, Centre for integrative Physiology, University of Edinburgh

Host: Dr Kathy Evans

Thursday 11 February: Sensing and Restricting: Innate immune control of HIV

Professor Jan Rehwinkel, MRC Human Immunology Unit

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson


Thursday 3 March: Investigating skeletal disorders through genome analysis and editing

Professor Uwe Kornak, Berlin-Brandenburg school for Regenerative Therapies

Host: Dr Nerea Alonso

Thursday 10 March: Deconstructing cancer and aging by integrating agnostic and functional approaches

Professor Carlos Lopez Otin, Universidad de Oviedo

Host: Dr Juan Carlos Acosta

Thursday 17 March: Transcriptional regulation through nuclear lipids

Professor Stefan Roberts

Host: Professor Nick Hastie

Thursday 24 March: To be announced 

Professor Christine Van Broeckhoven, University of Antwerp

Host: Professor Nick Hastie

Postponed new date to be announced


Thursday 14 April: Networks of alternative splicing regulation in cancer

Professor Juan Valcarcel, CRG Barcelona

Host: Professor Javier Caceres

Thursday 21 April: Control of the actin cytoskeleton by Rho-family GTPases in migration and in cancer

Dr Laura Machesky, Beatson Institute, Glasgow

Host: Professor Ian Jackson

Tuesday 26 April: Effects of aneuploidy on cell physiology and its role in tumorigenesis

Professor Angelika Amon, MIT

Host: Dr Andrew Wood

Venue: 4th Floor Lecture Theatre, Outpatients’ Department, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road South, EH4 2XU

Thursday 28 April: The Central Dogma De-centralized: Local Translation at Neuronal Synapses

Professor Erin Schumann, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Host: Professor Cathy Abbott


Thursday 5 May: Harnessing sequencing innovations to identify and implement cancer predisposition genes

Professor Nazneen Rahman, Institute of Cancer Research

Host: Professor Tim Aitman

Thursday 19 May: How a Volvox Embryo Turns Itself Inside Out

Professor Ray Goldstein, University of Cambridge

Host: Dr Andy Finch

Thursday 26 May: The Living Time Machine

Professor Nicola Clayton & Mr Clive Wilkins (Artist in Residence), Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Nick Hastie


Thursday 2 June: Histones, bacteria, sickle cells and reindeer 

Dr Tobias Warnecke, MRC Clinical Science Centre

Host: Dr Colin Semple

Thursday 9 June: To be announced

Professor Brian McStay, NUI Galway

Host: Professor Richard Meehan

Thursday 16 June: Chromosome Replication: A View From the Lagging Strand

Dr Iestyn Whitehouse, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

Host: Dr Martin Taylor

Thursday 30 June: To be announced

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith, University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore


Thursday 29 September: Using chromatin profiling to identify crucial regulators of tumour maintenance

Professor Constanze Bonifer, University of Birmingham

Host: Professor Nick Hastie


Thursday 6 October: To be announced

Professor Paul McKeigue, Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Host: Professor Chris Haley

Monday 10 October: Regenerating the human kidney based upon an understanding of development

Professor Melissa Little, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Victoria, Australia

Host: Professor Nick Hastie

Thursday 13 October: How chromatin structure regulates alternative splicing

Professor Alberto Kornblihtt IFIBYNE-UBA-CONICET, University of Buenos Aires

Host: Professor Javier Caceres

Thursday 27 October: How is DNA woven into chromosomes?

Professor Kim Nasmyth, University of Oxford

Host: Dr Joe Marsh


Thursday 3 November: Genes to clinic in autoimmune diabetes

Professor John Todd,  Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford

Host: Professor Helen Colhoun

Thursday 10 November: Powering senescence: the ugly side of mitochondria

Dr Joao Passos, Newcastle University

Host: Dr Juan Carlos Acosta

Thursday 17 November: How oncogenic mutations alter stem cell dynamics

Professor Phil Jones, Sanger Institute

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore

Friday 18 November: The importance of studying African genomes - recent experiences

Professor Michele Ramsay, Sydney Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Host: Professor Nick Hastie

Thursday 24 November: Putting function into Drosophila genomics

Professor Shireen Davies and Professor Julian Dow, University of Glasgow

Host: Professor Nick Hastie


Thursday 1 December: Roles and regulation of the eukaryotic replisome

Professor Karim Labib, University of Dundee