MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine
MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine

DNA sequencing facility

Sequencing facility, data and analysis.

IGMM DNA sequencing

An in house DNA sequencing facility providing Sanger and 2nd generation sequencing to all IGMM researchers and their collaborators, operated by two experienced sequencing technologists.

  • Sample numbers ranging from single tube through to 384 well plates can be submitted to the facility.  
  • Provides an automated PCR clean up and plasmid mini prep service which are processed via liquid handling robots.  
  • DNA and RNA quality and quantitation is available via Agilent bioanalysers.



Sanger Instruments Capillaries
3130 Xl 16
3730 48
2nd Generation Instruments Data (Gb)
Ion PGM 0.01 - 1
Ion Proton 10-200
Liquid handling instruments Pipette channels
BioMek FX 1,8 and 96
BioMek NX 1,8 and 96
BioMex B2K 8



Stewart McKay Facility Manager
Stephen Brown Sequencing Technologist

Jeffrey Joseph

Sequencing Technologist


For more information on the services provided within the facility, please contact: