Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working Framework

Hybrid working

In future the University will consider hybrid working with a centre of gravity on the campuses and where appropriate, will form one part of an overall flexible working approach that supports our dynamic community of learners, teachers, researchers, professional services staff and innovators and helps them perform at their best.  Some of us have operated this way for the last year during the COVID crisis and we are learning what works and where we still need to refine.  We will continue to experiment over the next year as some teams test specific approaches appropriate to our size and complexity.  We will balance the needs of the organisation, teams and individuals underpinned by optimal use of the estate and modern digital approaches.  We will understand the carbon implications of the choices we make and will seek to minimise emissions where we can.

Our approach

Our approach to supporting hybrid working is underpinned by a commitment to equality and to enabling, promoting and encouraging staff wellbeing.  The campus remains the centre of gravity, however we have an opportunity to rethink the way work is delivered and reimagine space and location.  The hybrid working framework will provide us with a methodology to achieve this and support our colleagues to continue delivering high quality work.

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Hybrid Working Framework