Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working at the University of Edinburgh

Find out more about hybrid working and the Hybrid Working Programme established to support colleagues to transition to a new more sustainable way of working. 

The University is developing a new Hybrid Working Framework to support and guide staff.  This is being tested and refined by a Hybrid Working Programme consisting of colleagues representing our Colleges and Departments.  The Framework is available for use now to support interim working decisions.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is a mix of on campus and off campus working and is not constrained by one specific location, for example an office or home workplace.

What do we mean by a Hybrid Working Framework?

We are developing a Hybrid Working Framework that will guide discussions and support decision making about hybrid working, taking account of the needs of the business, team and individual staff members; flexibility and staff wellbeing are at the heart of the approach and the campus remains the centre of gravity.

We are keen to hear from you to inform our thinking and help us develop the framework, any questions relating to current arrangements should be addressed to your line manager.

Tell us what you think and share your ideas   


Video: Hybrid Working Programme Information Video
Hybrid Working Programme information video featuring Gavin McLachlan, CIO.

Hybrid Working Programme Information Video

Find out more about the Hybrid Working Programme and plans for developing a hybrid working framework as part of a University-wide collaboration process.  Featuring Gavin McLachlan, Hybrid Working Programme chair and Vice Principal, Chief Information Officer and Librarian to the University.

In future the University will consider hybrid working with a centre of gravity on the campus to support our dynamic community of learners, teachers, researchers, professional services staff and innovators.  

The Hybrid Working Programme is defined by guiding principles.