Human Resources

Evidence of employment and earnings

Staff can request evidence to support their residency/citizenship applications.

Staff can request a ‘to whom it may concern’ letter confirming the essential information they need for their UK permanent residence and/or British citizenship applications. Should evidence of earnings also be required, staff can request duplicate P60s and/or monthly pay information. Staff making such a request will need to make it clear which 5 year continuous period they are relying on to show evidence of residency in the UK. As the University does not retain P60 information prior to tax year 2008/9, a mix of P60s and monthly wage slip information may be required. The University will waive the current £10 admin fee charged by Payroll for reproducing P60s to support UKVI applications.

As retrieving and printing such information is time-consuming, staff should allow at least 14 calendar days for a full response from their HR team and take this turnaround time into account when planning to submit their residency/citizenship application. 

Staff can also seek help from their HR team should they need to clarify annual leave and other work-related dates of absence from the UK that need to be declared on their application.

Requests should be made by completing the appropriate online form below (EASE login required).


College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences request form

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine request form

College of Science and Engineering request form

Support Groups request form