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Hear from some of our Modern Apprentices about their apprenticeships and why they are enjoying working at the University.

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Modern Apprentice Programme 2020


2018 Modern Apprentices

Junior Developer - Digital Innovation Team

Photo of MA Michael
Michael is a Junior Developer, Modern Apprentice based in the Digital Innovation Team at CAHSS. He is completing a work-based ICT and Telecommunication Professional apprenticeship, meeting with his training assessor every 4-6 weeks. He is passionate about Software development, and enjoys developing games in his spare time.

“The University is a very good employer and has connections with other larger companies which is especially good if you would like to network and learn more about the sector”

Business Administration - Human Resources

Photo of MA Lewis
Lewis joined the University’s HR team in 2018 as a HR Administrative Assistant Apprentice. He has now completed the work-based Business Administration apprenticeship and has successfully secured a permanent position in the HR team as a HR Assistant. 

One of Lewis’ highlights of his apprenticeship was meet the other Modern Apprentices and meeting people from different backgrounds. In his spare time Lewis enjoys playing rugby and going out with his friends.

“The University is a great employer, and the fact that they pay the living wage for school leavers who don’t have any higher education qualifications or experience is another additional motivation for the Modern Apprentices, like myself to do well.”

Office Administration - Corporate Services Group

Photo of MA Ryan
Ryan is currently completing an apprenticeship in Office Administration within the Corporate Services Group. He combines work based learning with a course work booklet which he completes throughout his Apprenticeship.  Ryan chose to become an apprentice because of the opportunities it creates and views it as a brilliant foundation for furthering his career. Ryan feels the Modern Apprenticeship Programme is the perfect opportunity to gain the experience and skills he needs.

“The Apprenticeship Programme has not only given me a job, but it has also given me a sense of self respect as I know that what I am doing is all for my benefit. It has been one of the most enjoyable jobs I have had. Getting started at the University has been a really easy process, my employers have really made me feel comfortable and stress free. It’s one of the best opportunities I have ever had!”

In his spare time Ryan enjoys going to the gym and playing football. He hopes that after his apprenticeship he will continue working for the University and to further develop his career.

Clerical Administration - Accounts Payable

Photo of MA Jack
James joined the Accounts Payable team as a Clerical Administrator Apprentice after completing his Career Ready programme with the University while still at School. He is completing an Accounting (AAT) Level 2 qualification, which is mainly self-study, however he is supported by a tutor from the training provider to complete his end of unit exams.  James says he learns something new every week and his colleagues are really supportive of his studies and help explain things.

“Completing the Career Ready programme at the University of Edinburgh really helped prepare me for the world of work and a Modern Apprenticeship. The University of Edinburgh is one of the best places to work, because of its size. You can gain experience and get involved in lots of different things to widen your knowledge. I would say to others, just go for it. It’s an amazing opportunity!”

Office Administration - Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Photo of MA Maria
Maria currently works part-time as the Office Assistant Modern Apprentice at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine. At first Maria wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to college or to apply for a Modern Apprentice post. However, with the support and flexibility given to her by her line managers she is able to combine her Modern Apprentice with being a mum.  Maria’s main responsibilities are Finance and HR, and she is enjoying using her initiative to create process notes.  She also sets time aside each week to collect the evidence she needs for completing her apprenticeship units.

“I found the transition from school to work quite a scary thought, however everyone has made me feel so welcome, it’s like working with your friends every day. It’s been the best thing I have ever done.”

Business and Administration - School of Divinity

MA Elena
After realising studying at university wasn’t for her, Elena started a Business and Administration Modern Apprentice at the School of Divinity.  Elena has really enjoyed her experience at the University and thinks that it has given her the opportunity to demonstrate what she knows, to become more professional and to gain knowledge and a qualification which will prepare her for the future. Since starting at the University Elena has been exposed to lots of different opportunities including assisting with open days and monitoring student attendance at seminars.

Elena enjoys keeping fit and doing yoga in her spare time, which she fit-in easily to her weekly working pattern.

“I would say to anyone thinking about doing an apprentice, go for it. You can never regret self-development and preparation for the world of work. For me it has been a really enjoyable experience that I feel so lucky to have.”

Administration Assistant (Finance & HR) - Business School

Photo of MA Ross
Ross knew that when he left school he didn’t want to go on to further education and quickly realised that a Modern Apprenticeship would be a great opportunity for him to combine practical experience and exposure to the work environment.

He plans to take every opportunity that comes his way and has undertaken lots of different tasks and projects. Ross has achieved a lot in his first three months at the University and had a key part to play in the File Digitisation process within the Business School.

In his spare time, Ross loves to play football, which is something he has been able to develop in the Business School. Ross has created a very successful Staff and Student football team, which has helped to promote good relations between staff and students, something the University supports.

“The transition into work has been really easy for me because from a young age I have always wanted to work. If further education isn’t for you then the Modern Apprentice Program is just as successful a route for your career.”

Accountancy - Finance Tax Team

Photo of MA Jack
Jack is currently completing an 18-month Accountancy apprenticeship within the Finance – Tax team, and is proud to work for the University as it has such a good reputation. During his apprenticeship, Jack is exposed to all aspects of Finance.  During his apprenticeship Jack will complete 3 weeks in the Income Section and 1 week in the Tax office, each month giving him experience across the department.  Jack is studying towards his AAT Accountancy qualification which he is really enjoying.  He finds that the course is really flexible, giving him that little bit extra time to feel confident before sitting an exam.

“Starting my Modern Apprenticeship has been a huge achievement for me. After leaving University and working part time, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But I have realised that working in finance is what I want to do and eventually progress to my level 3 AAT.”

Administration Assistant (HR) - Centre for Open Learning

Daniel chose to pursue a Modern Apprenticeship as he felt it would give him the practical experience to become more employable. Daniel is currently working as an Administrative Assistant (HR) at the Centre for Open Learning and mainly assists with various aspects of recruitment, from meeting with senior colleagues to get new posts approved, to setting up interviews and conducting right to work checks.

Daniel gets a great deal of job satisfaction, when he sees the process through from early planning to the new employee arriving on their first day. 

Daniel really enjoys the hands-on learning style that comes with a Modern Apprenticeship and hopes to continue studying towards CIPD HR qualification once he finishes his apprenticeship.

“I think that the opportunities and the experience the University offers is invaluable. I love the fact you are made to feel like a valued member of staff and getting my foot in the door at the University has been the best thing I have ever done.”


2017 Modern Apprentices

Business Administration - Edinburgh Imaging

Luke joined Edinburgh Imaging in 2017 as the Business Administration Assistant Apprentice. He is completing a work-based Business Administration apprenticeship, meeting with his training assessor every 4-6 weeks. He is involved in updating systems and technology within his department, help organise events, as well as some HR tasks e.g. recording annual leave for staff. He has surprised himself, as he is enjoying working with spreadsheets, something he did not think he would. Luke loves all kinds of music and is a keen collector of vinyl records.

“I think the University of Edinburgh is a really good employer, they are also very flexible and fun to work for. My manager is very accommodating and has helped me lots. I have enjoyed meeting and working with lots of different people from radiographers to administrators.”

Animal Applied Science - Central Bio-Research Services (CBS)

Jamie joined the CBS team in 2017 as the Animal Husbandry Technician studying a Life Science, Animal Applied Science, qualification with Fife College as part of his apprenticeship.  Jamie is passionate and enthusiastic about caring for animals and has previous experience of working at a kennel and volunteering at a cattery.  The team is really friendly and he is enjoying combining study with getting paid! In his spare time, Jamie plays football and likes boxing.

“I think a modern apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and a qualification at the same time. I would recommend an apprenticeship at the University as it has lots of opportunities.”

Procurement - Procurement Office

 Scott joined the University in 2017 to pursue a modern apprenticeship in Procurement, which will involve work based learning over the next 24 months, supported by his training provider.  He feels he is best suited to this practical style of study.  Scott is enjoying learning about procurement and feels welcomed and supported by his team who are always willing to help him.  Outside work, Scott enjoys going to the football and socialising with friends.

“An apprenticeship at the University has so many opportunities including training and career progression. The University also pays the living wage which makes a real difference to an apprentice. An apprenticeship is not just a job but it is an opportunity to make a career.”

Agricultural – The Roslin Institute

Alyssa is passionate about caring for the health and welfare of animals and has joined the University in 2017 as a Poultry Technician.  Alyssa is studying towards an Agricultural qualification through Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) as part of her modern apprenticeship. She is responsible for a variety of different tasks including daily egg collections, cleaning and feeding the animals, administrating vaccinations and setting up breeding colonies.

Outside work Alyssa enjoys looking after and riding her horse. She also takes part in show jumping, dressage and cross-country riding.

"I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship at the University and I think it is a great opportunity for anyone who is keen to learn and gain a qualification whilst working at the same time. I am enjoying the hands on experience of carrying out animal husbandry tasks and learning how to handle poultry correctly."

Animal Applied Science - Central Bio-Research Services (CBS)

Callum joined the University in 2017 from school where he completed an HNC in Applied Science.  He is now gaining real work experience while studying a Life Science modern apprenticeship specialising in Animal Applied Science with Fife College.  He attends college once a week. Callum is enjoying working and learning at the same time. Outside work, Callum is a keen bagpiper.  He recently won gold at the Cowal Highland Games solo piping competition.

"The University is a good place to work, it is a big organisation with lots of opportunities and offers apprenticeships in different areas."

Mechanical Engineering - School of Informatics

Laura joined the University in 2017 to pursue a Mechanical Engineering modern apprenticeship.  She is loving the practical elements and learning from others in the team.   She splits her week between attending Edinburgh College and working with her colleagues to learn how to use equipment to support students and staff.   It is challenging for Laura being a female in this profession but she is keen to support others and is receiving great support from her team.   Laura is a car enthusiast in her spare time!

"I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship at the University. I feel very involved and supported in my apprenticeship, when I am learning new skills, I enjoy the way that these are shown and explained to me”.

Accounting (AAT) - Accounts Payable

Kerrie joined the Accounts Payable team as a Clerical Administrator Apprentice at the end of 2016. She is completing an Accounting (AAT) Level 2 qualification, it is mainly self-study but she is supported by a tutor from the training provider.  Kerrie’s colleagues are also supportive of her studies and help explain things to her. She is involved in processing invoices, expense claims and dealing with email queries received from staff, students and University suppliers. Outside work, Kerrie enjoys going to the cinema and socialising with her friends.

“ I think a modern apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity and a stable way to continue with studying whilst earning money and gaining experience. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship at the University as it has opened up lots of opportunities for me”.  

IT Systems and Networking - Accommodation, Catering & Events (ACE)

Siobhan is the IT Apprentice for ACE and joined the University in 2017.  Working in a small team, Siobhan is getting lots of experience including managing stock checks on IT equipment, creating a tip for the week for staff on the intranet, managing leavers and answering queries that come in.  She is completing an IT System and Networking, SVQ level 5 qualification.  She attends some external courses organised by the training provider, with the majority of her learning taking place on-the-job.  Siobhan is very busy outside work, as part of the Air Training Corps Cadet Force she is involved in many activities e.g. netball, hockey, athletics, playing the bagpipes and is currently training for a 100 mile walk, Neijmegen, in the Netherlands.

"The University is a good employer to have on my CV. The University also appears to be very diverse. I am part of a fun team and I get on well with them.  An apprenticeship is not only experience but it is also a qualification."

Accounting (AAT) – Finance and Planning - College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS)

Lewis joined the Finance and Planning team in the CAHSS at the start of 2018 as a Finance Administration Assistant. He is completing an Accounting (AAT) Level 2 qualification which is mainly self study but support is provided by a tutor from the training provider.

Lewis has enjoyed meeting lots of new and friendly people who have all made him feel very welcome. Lewis is also enjoying having the opportunity to develop his skills, both through experience of new situations and University training courses.  Outside work Lewis enjoys socialising with friends, watching football and buying new clothes.

"I think a Modern Apprenticeship  is a great alternative to attending University, you will gain valuable workplace experience and have the opportunity to contribute and play an important role in a functioning team and gain a qualification at the same time."

Agricultural – The Roslin Institute

Jamie joined the Roslin Institute in 2017 as a Poultry Technician where he is studying towards an Agricultural qualification through Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) as part of his modern apprenticeship. Jamie is responsible for a variety of different tasks including daily egg collections, caring for the animals including cleaning and feeding the animals.

Outside work Jamie enjoys socialising with his friends, going to the cinema and relaxing whenever he can.

 “A modern apprenticeship is a great opportunity to really develop your skills and to work with some great teams on unique projects. I love working with animals and the chance to do so at the Roslin Institute is a great experience and too good an opportunity to pass up.”

Digital Marketing - Edinburgh Imaging

Chloe is the Digital Marketing and Social Media Modern Apprentice for Edinburgh Imaging. Chloe decided she did not want to go to college full-time and was identified by the training provider for this position. The apprenticeship in Digital Marketing involves Chloe attending different course organised by her training provider and she also has an assessor who visits her regularly to check her progress. She is responsible for updating webpages, creating articles and promoting events. Her team are friendly and very helpful. A highlight for Chloe was seeing her first article published.   

Business and Administration - Edinburgh Law School

Spencer was interested in business management and thought a Modern Apprenticeship was a good opportunity to see what working in an office environment would be like.   He joined Edinburgh Law School in 2017 as the Business and Administration Modern Apprentice. Spencer's apprenticeship involves working in different teams - Finance, HR, Events, Postgraduate Office and Online Learning.  Coupled with completing various units set by the training provider. He has enjoyed meeting new people and everyone has been very friendly.  Outside work he likes to play football with his friends and is a member at his local golf club.


“A modern apprenticeship is a good opportunity to gain experience including on the job training alongside gaining an industry recognised qualification”

Creative and Digital Marketing - MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine (IGMM)

Connor is enjoying the variety of work he is involved with as part of his Creative and Digital Media modern apprenticeship. Joining the University in 2017, as the Design and Publications Assistant at IGMM he is learning how to print high spec posters, photography skills, designing logos and producing illustrations.  The variety of work has give Connor the opportunity to meet and work with lots of different people.   Outside work Connor enjoys socialising with friends and going to the gym available at work.

"A modern apprenticeship is a good stepping-stone into the industry, particularly an industry that is hard to get into without experience."