Human Resources

Youth Talent, Apprenticeships & Student Employment

Information on Modern Apprenticeships, student employment options and other youth talent programmes such as apprenticeships.

Youth and Student Employment Strategy (2017-2021)

The aim of the strategy is to increase the number of employment opportunities for young people and students at the University of Edinburgh. Please download a copy of the booklet to find out more about how you can get involved.

Latest news

Find out the latest news about our Youth Employment Programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

Modern Apprenticeships

This information is for those who are thinking about recruiting or applying for a Modern Apprenticeship within the University of Edinburgh.

Foundation Apprenticeships (secured)

Guidance on Foundation Apprenticeships

Graduate Apprenticeships (secured)

Guidance on Graduate Apprenticeships

Youth Talent Programmes

In addition to Modern Apprenticeships, there are other youth initiatives recruiters can explore to work with young people.

Work Placement (Young Person) – Guidance for Managers (secured)

A guide for staff hosting a young person on a work placement at the University and things to consider.

Student Employment

Guide for University staff on recruiting students, including internships and MyCareerHub.

The Edinburgh Guarantee

Information on the Edinburgh Guarantee, an Edinburgh City Council initiative.