Human Resources

Who needs to be checked and what documents are required?

The University has a legal obligation to carry out a right to work check on all potential employees, regardless of their nationality. This must be done before employment commences. Please note with effect from 1 October 2019 right to work checks are not required when current employees are transferring or taking additional roles within the University.

Required documents

The University can only accept documents that appear on the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) List A and B of documents.  They are as follows:

  • List A – documents showing an ongoing right to work (such as UK/EEA/settled workers).  A List of EEA countries is below.
  • List B - documents that demonstrate a time-limited right to work, up to the date of expiry. 

When documents are presented from List B, it is necessary to undertake a repeat check before the point of expiry. This follows the same process as the original check.  It is recommended that discussions about continued employment start within the 3 months prior to the expiry date.


List of EEA Countries from the UKVI website

Please note: UKVI rules prevent the University from accepting a visa/indefinite leave to remain vignette (i.e. sticker) that is in an expired passport.   Individuals will need to apply to UKVI to have the same visa issued as a separate biometric residence permit (BRP).  

Whilst the application for a BRP is being processed it is possible, with the employee’s permission, to request a document from the UKVI which enables the individual to start work.  The document is known as a Positive Verification Notice (PVN) and is valid for 6 months.  During this time the individual should receive the BRP which confirms their indefinite right to work.  Once this is a received a right to work check will need to be carried out against this.  Please contact your local HR team to arrange for this check to be done.