Human Resources

Recruitment Guidance

This guide is designed to provide an overview of the Recruitment Journey which incorporates reference to People and Money Systems, User Guides and Videos.

The central recruitment guidance is currently under review. We are working in collaboration with colleagues who are involved in, or interested in recruitment. If you would like to find out more and contribute to the review please join the Edinburgh Recruitment community site.

Things you need to know (secured)

This covers your responsibilities in the recruitment process including legislation and training.

Getting Started (secured)

Guidance on writing a Job Description, Grading, creating a Vacancy, Selection Panel composition and specific guidance for Chair, Head of School, Senior and Clinical Academics Recruitment.

Sourcing and Advertising (secured)

This covers a range of sourcing options including redeployment register, advertising and agency frameworks.

Candidate Selection (secured)

Guidance on shortlisting, decision making and documentation. Including preparing for the Interview and things you need to think about on the day.

Offer and Appointment (secured)

Offering the successful candidate, pre-employment checks and guidance on Relocation.

Pre-Boarding, On-Boarding and Probation (secured)

Helping you prepare and plan a successful joining experience.

Youth Employment (secured)

Information on Youth Employment opportunities.