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Information for those seeking to resign or retire from the University.


An employee intending to terminate their appointment with the University is required to give notice of their intention in writing to their line manager.  The notice period is detailed in the relevant Conditions of Service.  The notice period will not begin to run until notice is given in writing.  Resignations cannot usually be withdrawn however, a request to withdraw a resignation can exceptionally be considered by a line manager.

On receipt of the written resignation notice, the line manager should confirm acceptance of the resignation to the employee in writing.  The line manager should also inform the local HR team via their School/Department process.

Resignations or retirements of sponsored workers should be reported to HR immediately.


There is no set retirement age and it is an employee’s choice as to how long they wish to carry on working.  The onus will be on the employee to inform the University when they wish to resign or ‘retire’.  Employees are required to give notice as set out in the relevant Conditions of Service, however we would encourage employees to give as much advance notice as possible to enable planning and, in particular, to ensure that pension arrangements can be put in place where applicable.

For further information on accessing your pension following retirement, please visit the University’s Pensions/Retirement webpage.

Pensions/Retirement webpage

Universities Retired Staff Association (URSA)