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This page contains information for staff who are eligible to add their details to the University’s Redeployment Register.

If you are a recruiting manager looking to access the Redeployment Register, please visit the information for recruiting manager’s page.  


You may add your details to the register if you are a University of Edinburgh employee who is actively seeking redeployment due to:  

A.  having been formally notified that you are at risk of redundancy and eligible to register your details.


B.  reasons related to your health or disability.  

Please see the following policies for further information: 

Redundancy Policy

Policy on Ending Fixed Term and Restricted Contracts

Redeployment Guidance for Recruiters


A list of frequently asked questions is also available and can be accessed at the following link:

Please note: 

Please note that if you have time limited or restricted right to work in the UK e.g. if you are a sponsored worker, we will need to consider if your visa would allow you to transfer to another role in the University. You should therefore contact the HR Helpline at to find out if you are able to put your details on the redeployment register.

How to add your details to the Redeployment Register

Please note that you should only register if you are actively seeking redeployment, have received confirmation that you are eligible and you will be able to accept other work within the next few months. 

The published register will be anonymised i.e. it will not contain personal details such as your name, employee number etc. However, the details you provide to enable recruiting managers to assess your suitability for their vacancies e.g. summary of your current position and skills and experience, may enable others to identify you. By completing and submitting this form, you consent to your depersonalised details being visible to University staff. 

1.  Click on the link below to download the Redeployment Register Template. The guidance on completing the register is found within the template.

Redeployment Register Template

2.  Once you have completed the spreadsheet, email the Redeployment Team with a copy, attaching a PDF version of your CV (containing no personal details) and the reason you are eligible for the register (redundancy, medical redeployment).  Your CV will be forwarded on to recruiting managers who contact the Redeployment Team to request your details. 

Email the Redeployment Team

Next Steps

It is your responsibility to ensure you keep your information up to date and accurate.  If your circumstances change, you must email the Redeployment Team as soon as possible so that the register can be updated. 

There is a maximum length of time that your details can remain on the Redeployment Register: 

  • If you are at risk of redundancy, this will be until your expected end date of employment; 

  • For those seeking medical redeployment, this will be for a maximum of six months from the date you register your details.  

If you have been successfully redeployed, we will remove your details from the Redeployment Register.  We will also continue to audit the list and will remove your details in line with the above time periods.

Recruiters will access the Redeployment Register when recruiting for a vacancy.  Your registered CV will be sent to those recruiters who request this using the assigned Redeployment Register ID number. 

The recruiter will then have an opportunity to assess whether or not your details meet the essential criteria of the vacancy based on the information provided on your CV.  If there appears to be a match, the recruiter will get in touch directly with you to find out if you are interested in the post.  You will be sent a job description and if you are interested you will be asked to note your interest and may be asked to provide an application statement detailing how you meet the requirements of the job. 

The recruiter will then make the arrangements for interview.  If you are offered the position and accept, please make sure to notify the Redeployment Team so that we can update your record.   

Once your details have been removed from the register your CV will also be removed from our files. 

Additional Resources

Career Support Transition

You may also wish to seek out career advice and support through the University’s Career Services.  More information about the type of support offered is available here: 

Career Support for Staff

If you have been advised that you are eligible for Career Transition support, visit 

Career Transition 

You can arrange to meet with specialists who will discuss how to make improvements to your CV as well as tips for interviewing.  You can also receive coaching if you are looking to change careers. 

University Jobs Site

In addition to joining the Redeployment Register, we recommend that you continue to search and apply for advertised positions at the University. You can sign up for Job Alerts in People and Money. If you are at risk of redundancy, you should also select that your role has been confirmed as at risk of redundancy on your application so that Recruiters can be made aware when reviewing applications. 

University of Edinburgh Jobs Careers