Human Resources

Exit Interview

Guidance for managers conducting exit interviews

We offer all employees (open-ended, fixed-term and guaranteed hours) the opportunity to have a face-to-face exit interview. The exit interview allows employees to continue the conversation after completing their exit survey. You can find an exit interview template in People and Money.

At the beginning of the interview, the exit interviewer will let the employee know that the information disclosed will be recorded on the system and retained for 1 year. Senior managers have access to view the information provided. Any concerning information will be brought to the attention of the Director of Professional Services (or equivalent) offline. They must ensure that the employee is aware of this and agrees to this before they proceed with the exit interview.

More information about the process can be found in the People and Money Leavers User guides below:

People and Money user guides

The purpose of carrying out exit interviews is to:

  • understand the reasons why our employees leave
  • offer employees the opportunity to provide additional feedback that cannot be captured in our exit survey
  • gather information about issues and problems that can be addressed and improvements that can be made at school/department level.

The Exit Interviewer can be:

  • the employee’s line manager
  • a senior member of staff in the employee’s school/department.

The Exit Interviewer should:

  1. decide an appropriate time and location for the exit interview
  2. determine the questions that will be asked and amend the exit interview template as appropriate
  3. conduct the interview
  4. review responses and propose actions.