Human Resources

During Maternity Leave

Please use this toolkit in conjunction with the University’s Maternity Policy which provides greater detail and information.

Your local HR Advisor will also offer individual advice and guidance.

Keeping In Touch (KIT) days

If you choose to you may work up to ten Keeping in Touch (KIT) days during your maternity leave e.g. to attend meetings, training etc.

This must be agreed with your manager. You can choose to be paid for the time, or take this as time off in lieu. Your manager must enter your agreed KIT days into People and Money.

While the use of KIT days is optional, these can be beneficial for you in easing your transition back into work, and for the University in receiving continued input from staff with valued skills.

Returning Parents Coaching Programme

Support from a coach may be beneficial to you in returning to work after maternity leave.  You may wish to participate in the University's Returning Parents Coaching Programme.

Returning Parents Coaching Programme webpage (secured)

Shared Parental Leave

You may be entitled to Shared Parental Leave. If you would like to curtail your maternity leave and take shared parental leave with your partner, please contact your College/Support Group HR Team (who will notify your Line Manager) giving at least 8 weeks’ written notice of the date on which you intend to bring your maternity leave and pay to an end.

Notification of Return to Work

If you wish to return to work before the end of your full 52 week entitlement you must discuss this with your manager, and amend your maternity or adoption leave in People and Money, giving at least 8 weeks’ notice of the earlier date. Your local HR team will be notified when you do this.

Preparing and Planning for Return to Work

The work planning template can help you and your manager to plan for a successful and effective return to work.

Annual Leave

You continue to accrue contractual annual leave (i.e. holidays) while you are on maternity leave. You should ideally take the holidays you have accrued during your maternity leave at the end of your period of maternity leave and before you physically return to work. 

You should agree with your manager how you will take your accrued leave.

Flexible Working

If you wish to request a different pattern of work for your return to work following maternity leave, you have the right to make a flexible working request.  Please refer to the Flexible Working Policy for more information.

A spreadsheet is available to download to calculate what your net salary would be if you reduced your hours from full-time to part-time: