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Leave and absence options

A table of leave and absence options for staff with links to the relevant documents.

The following table provides information on leave/absence options, with links to relevant policies and guidance.

Some may be paid/unpaid/annual leave or combination thereof; and some also may be subject to eligibility/qualifying periods, therefore the full policy should be referred to for actual details.

Entitlements are pro rata for part time staff.

Category Option Policy





Up to 52 weeks leave. Three pay options are available


Adoption and Surrogacy Policy


Annual Leave & Public Holidays



Refer to Annual Leave Policy and Conditions of Service


Annual Leave Policy

Conditions of service 


Attending a Funeral



Up to 1 day's paid leave


Special Leave Policy


Bereavement Leave



Up to 10 days’ (pro rata) paid leave for loss of immediate family member. Up to 5 days’ (pro rata) paid leave in other circumstances


Special Leave Policy


Blood Donations



Regular donations must be made in your own time.  In the event of a major accident, then time off with pay will be given


Special Leave Policy


Campaigning for Election to Parliament



Up to 10 days’ (pro rata) unpaid leave before election date


Special Leave Policy
Carer's Leave Up to 5 days’ (pro rata) unpaid leave per rolling year. Special Leave Policy


Compassionate Leave



Up to 5 days’ (pro rata) paid leave per rolling year.  A further amount of leave may be taken as unpaid.


Special Leave Policy


Emergency involving dependents


Up to 10 days paid leave in a rolling year Emergency Time Off for Dependents Policy


Emergency situations (eg. Flood, theft)



Up to 1 days paid leave


Special Leave Policy


Elective Procedures (eg. Laser eye surgery, inguinal hernia surgery)



Time off for consultations or any other pre-surgery appointments should be made in your own time or covered by annual leave


Special Leave Policy


Fertility Treatment/IVF



Up to 5 days’ (pro rata) paid leave per rolling year during treatment.  Up to 2 days (pro rata) leave to provide support for partner during treatment.  If additional time off is necessary you should consider using annual leave or unpaid leave.


Special Leave Policy


Jury Service



Paid for the duration of the service


Special Leave Policy


Managing Absence



Refer to guidance provided in the Absence Management Policy


Absence Management Policy


Maternity Leave



Up to 52 weeks leave.  Three pay options are available.


Maternity Policy
Parental Bereavement Leave  Up to 10 days’ paid leave (pro-rata) for the loss of your child up to the age of 18 years. The leave can be taken in one block of two weeks, or two separate weeks, within 56 weeks of the date of death Special Leave Policy


Parental Leave



Up to 4 weeks unpaid leave per child in one rolling year


Parental Leave Policy

Partner Leave Policy


Up to 2 weeks full pay


Partner Leave Policy


Personal Health and Welfare Appointments



Reasonable time off if unable to get doctor, dental, etc., appointments outwith working hours


Absence Management Policy


Police Statement



Up to 1 day’s paid time off for the appointment if it can’t be made outside your normal working hours


Special Leave Policy


Representing the University/Country



Annual leave should be used in the first instance with up to 10 days’ (pro rata) unpaid leave available for high profile events


Special Leave Policy


Shared Parental Leave



Share up to 50 weeks leave


Shared Parental Leave Policy


Sickness and Absence



Refer to Absence Management Policy


Absence Management Policy


TA/Volunteer Reserve Forces



Up to 5 days (pro rata) paid and 5 days (pro rata) unpaid time off for training.  If mobilised time off is unpaid.


Special Leave Policy


Unpaid Extended Leave



Unpaid leave may be granted and will be determined by the circumstances of the situation.  Managers should consult with their HR Advisor before confirming the leave.


Special Leave Policy


Voluntary Public Service/Leave for Public Duties



Up to 12 days’ (pro rata) paid leave per rolling year


Special Leave Policy


Volunteering Activities



The University’s A Day to Make a Difference entitles every staff member to an additional day of paid leave to volunteer for a charity, organisation or other good cause.


Special Leave Policy


Witness at Court



Paid leave as required by the Court service


Special Leave Policy


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