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Supporting Leaders & Managers with Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We are delighted to have been able to offer 5 mentors and 5 mentees from the University the opportunity to take part in the KPMG Cross Company Allyship Programme.

The programme begins on 7th October and will pair up UoE Colleagues with KPMG staff; with each coupling having a mentor (a leader/manager) and a mentee (who must be of black or minority ethnic heritage). The programme facilitates meetings between each pair over the course of a year through quarterly events, monthly catch-ups and career development discussions. Mentors get the opportunity to build leadership, self-reflection and listening skills through mentoring someone outside of their organisation. Mentees receive 1-2-1 coaching support from a senior figure from a different business.

KPMG Cross Company Allyship Programme.


In addition to the KPMG programme we will be offering the opportunity to join “Are You Ready to Talk?” and “Are You Ready to Listen?” Sessions , which are being offered in collaboration with the Staff Networks to assess organisational readiness for a reverse mentoring scheme and to have the difficult conversations around themes arising from EDI. We are currently co-ordinating the staff mentoring opportunities available in addition to the

Mentoring Connections programme.


We will also be offering central development opportunities in the form of the Advance HE sessions on Understanding Race & Racism for Leaders & Managers and Leading & Managing Issues of Identity, Privilege & Intersectionality we ran last year. These will be supported with

Peer Mentoring and Discussion Groups.


More information will be available shortly including details of how to access these development opportunities.

You can find out more about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at the University on the webpages:

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion | The University of Edinburgh