Human Resources

Role of Champion

A local mentoring Champion adds considerable benefit to the success of mentoring in your School, Institute or Department

As well as recruiting Mentors and Mentees, we are recruiting local Champions.

Local Champions are expected to:

  • Have a good understanding of mentoring and the potential benefits.
  • Act as an advocate for mentoring and promote Mentoring as a positive development tool.
  • Distribute information about Mentoring through local channels.
  • Be familiar with the online resources and tools available.
  • Be first point of contact in their area for mentors and mentees, referring colleagues to the online resources where appropriate.
  • Be aware of local targets or objectives for mentoring such as within Athena Swann applications.
  • Use their local communication channels and resources to address mentee demand.

Champions will be supported by the Mentoring Connections team who will provide guidance and reports with statistical data and information from Platform One.  Local Champions are expected to use the data and their local knowledge to identify areas of demand for Mentors on particular subjects or areas.

If you have any queries or feedback, please email the Mentoring team directly:

Email Mentoring