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Role of Champion

A local mentoring Champion adds considerable benefit to the success of mentoring in your School, Institute or Department

As well as recruiting Mentors and Mentees, we are recruiting local Champions.

The role of the Champion is to:

  • Facilitate the distribution of material and information about the programme through local channels. Material is provided by the Mentoring Connections team.
  • Have an understanding of the mentoring framework and programme.
  • Be a point of contact within their business area for potential mentors and mentees, referring questions or concerns to the Mentoring Connections team where necessary.
  • Be willing to assist in matching e.g. to offer a sense check to proposed matches, and in some cases propose matches using on the ground knowledge.
  • View the profile information provided by mentors and mentees for the purposes of matching only, and treat this information respectfully and confidentially within the programme.
  • Identify and suggest additional mentors within their areas if necessary.
  • Act as an advocate for mentoring in their business area.

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