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Guidance for managers

Information and steps to follow, to help you welcome your new start to the University of Edinburgh. Includes checklists and on-boarding plans.

Manager Checklist for On-boarding
Support to offer in your new start's first year (available on this page)

Step 1. Understand your role. 

New starts will look to you to welcome them to the University and look after them as they settle in.

  • Help them understand what they need to do and how well things need to be done.
  • They will need take in a lot of information. Consider how you will prioritise the information they need and work out when you will give it to them.
  • Help them make contacts by introducing them to team members and key contacts. For wider connections, refer them to the New Staff Meet-Up sessions.

New Staff Meet-Up sessions


Step 2. Understand policies and support in place for you and your new start.

Familiarise yourself with the policies and guidance new staff will be referred to.

Making the most of your on-boarding pages

Managers should discuss with disabled staff any reasonable adjustments that need to be made or are in place to ensure that these continue to be appropriate and effective, and to identify any further support needs.

Complete the Implementing Reasonable Adjustments training

Staff induction represents a valuable opportunity for line-managers to introduce our values and culture.  This helps to foster a positive and inclusive working culture, where individuals are treated with dignity and respect and instances of bullying, harassment or discrimination are not tolerated.

Talk through Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies

Explain ways of working in place when working with others, both online and face-to-face. 

Communication and Collaboration Tools


Step 3. Use the following checklists and guides.

The following document provides you with an overview of support your new start may benefit from during their first year in post.


Step 4. Familiarise yourself with the required induction training and learning available to your new start.

A full list of required learning and role and career development support available can be found in Steps 4 and 5 of the on-boarding webpage.

Making the most of your on-boarding pages


Step 5. Follow probation guidance for the duration of their probationary period

Staff on Probation Additional Information