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Guidance for managers

Information and guidance helping you prepare and plan the induction of your new start. Includes induction checklists and an induction plan.


Manager Checklist for Induction
Support to offer in your new start's first year (available on this page)

What you can do to support your new start

Follow these steps to support you and your new start get off to a great start.


Step 1. Understand your role. 

New starts will look to you to welcome them to the University and look after them as they settle in.

  • Help them understand what they need to do and how well things need to be done.
  • They will need take in a lot of information. Consider how you will prioritise the information they need and work out when you will give it to them
  • Help them make contacts by introducing them to team members and key contacts. Organise a buddy for them who can help them settle in.

Ten Ways to Get Employee Induction Right (EASE login required)


Step 2. Understand policies and support in place for you and your new start.

Line Manager Guidance 

Health and Safety Induction

Refer them to:

Making The Most Of Your Induction pages


Step 3. Use the following checklists.


Step 4. Ask your new start to complete compulsory induction training and assessments.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Challenging Unconcious Bias

Data Protection

Equality and Diversity Essentials

Fire Safety Awareness

Health and Safety Awareness

Information Security Essentials

Recruitment and Selection Essentials (for staff involved in recruitment panels)


Step 5. Book them onto an induction event.

Welcome Event (for all new starts)

Get Connected (for new research staff)


Step 6. Explain systems and digital ways of working in place.

Communication and Collaboration Tools


New manager support

If you are stepping into your first management role at the University the following toolkit and guide will set you and your new start up for success.

New Manager Toolkit

Your Role In Induction