Human Resources


Resources, workshops and programmes for people managers and team leaders.

Aspiring Manager 

Aimed at staff who are not in a management role and demonstrate the potential and motivation to develop into one.

Information for the Aspiring Manager Programme

Building Team Resilience

An online workshop for leaders and people managers of all levels across the university. You will learn how to identify and reduce stressors and gain tools to adapt and bounce back from setbacks.

Workshop delivered by our consultancy partner at Edinburgh College.

Workshop: Building Team Resilience


Struggle to let go of work? These resources have been curated to help you find the best ways to empower your team and free your time up to work on the important stuff.

Developing your Team

Getting the most out of your team and setting them up for success is a key part of being a manager.  Here are some resources to help you to support your team to get the most out of their career.

Difficult Conversations

The most important conversations are sometimes the ones that we put off the most.  These resources will help you feel more prepared to tackle the conversations that you might be feeling intimidated by.

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

This online workshop will help people managers raise their awareness of emotional intelligence – why it’s important in the workplace, supporting managers to feel prepared to support staff and looking at tools to aid resilience at work.  

Workshop: Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Great feedback leaves people clear about what they should keep doing or do differently in the future.  These resources will help make sure your feedback is always as effective as possible.

Health and Wellbeing for people managers

This online workshop will raise awareness with managers about mental health, signs to look out for and how best to support people struggling with their mental health.

Workshop: Health and Wellbeing for people managers

The Edinburgh Manager

Aimed at people managers across all areas of the University.

The Edinburgh Manager

Line Management Essentials

These resources will help you to identify your development needs as a manager and network with other managers to support your development in the role. 

Line Management Essentials

Managing Teams Remotely

Our ways of working will change dramatically for many of us over the coming months.  Here is some guidance, hints and tips for supporting your team to work remotely. 

Meaningful Management Conversations

This online workshop will support leaders and managers to have meaningful workplace conversations with colleagues.

Workshop - Meaningful Management Conversations

New Manager

If you are stepping into your first management role at the university this toolkit will help you prepare and set you up for success as you establish yourself as a people manager.

Setting Effective Objectives

Having clearly defined and measurable objectives and goals can be a real motivator.  These resources will help you to support your team to focus on what’s important to them and their role.