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Example forms used for Annual Review

We believe that the conversation is more important than the paperwork. Schools and departments have flexibility around which forms they use.  So start by checking with your manager which form is used in your team. 

We recommend this model template for recording Annual Reviews:

In this version the form can be used for self-review and then updated after the Annual Review conversation to record the outcomes and become the final agreed version of the Annual Review.

Some of the form templates are stored by the School/Department; please look at your College, School or department websites for more information.

If you work in one of the Colleges, you should look at the information provided on Annual Reviews within your College.

College of Science and Engineering

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

If you work in the Information Services Group, please use the form on this page, while consulting the information on the ISG Corporate Services SharePoint site

Information Services Group