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Roles and responsibilities

Brief definitions of the different roles and responsibilities for those involved.


  • All staff will have an Annual Review discussion based on their role and circumstances within the University.
  • Staff will prepare for and participate in the Annual Review conversation; to review the previous year’s contribution, to agree objectives and to identify development plans.
  • Staff will provide information to help review progress against their objectives and if suitable to plan for the next year.
  • Staff will recognise opportunities for their professional and personal development at work.
  • New staff will access the required and relevant training to conduct quality Annual Review conversations.  All staff will maintain their relevant skills and knowledge.

Line Managers / Reviewers

  • Line managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that a quality Annual Reviews takes place; by preparing for and participating in the conversation.
  • Line managers/ Reviewers will reference information relating to the staff member’s role, their progress against the last year’s objectives, the proposed next year’s objectives and the individual’s development areas.
  • If a manager has to carry out in excess of 12 reviews, then they should consider delegating this responsibility to a suitable Reviewer where possible.  Nominated reviewers must have all the relevant information and should be selected based on their role and relationship with the staff member(s) (e.g. other senior staff, or individuals in supervisory or management roles within the area)
  • New managers or reviewers will access the required and relevant training to conduct quality Annual Review conversations.  All managers and reviewers will keep their relevant skills and knowledge up to date.

Senior Managers

  • Senior managers must make sure all eligible staff have an annual review within the reporting timescales and that this is recorded in Oracle.
  • If not already agreed, senior managers will determine the local approach to Annual Reviews; including the timescales, the forms, the Reviewer and staff allocation.  
  • Prior to staff starting their Annual Review discussions, Senior managers will communicate key information relating to strategy, priorities and objectives to their area Line managers and Reviewers.
  • Senior managers will check the agreed outcomes of the individual Annual Review discussions in their area to look for alignment with University strategy, to assess fairness/ consistency in process and to identify any themes that may need to be considered or addressed.

Heads of College / Support Group

  • Heads of College and Support Group are accountable for arranging reviews to be carried out and recorded for all staff yearly, between 1 August and 31 July; normally delegating this responsibility down to their senior managers.
  • Heads of College and Support Group will act as senior managers for their direct reports.
  • Heads of College/Support Group and other Vice Principals are reviewed by the Principal.

Local HR Teams

  • The recording of Annual Review completion data is held in the Oracle HR system. HR will support local staff responsible for updating and maintaining this information. HR will also provide more information on the reporting process and/or the criteria used. 
  • HR will provide advice in situations where there is a concern with the allocation of the Reviewer to the staff member.
  • HR will provide support where an area identifies a need to improve the quality of the review conversations.
  • HR will provide advice in situations where there is disagreement on the content of the completed paperwork.

Contact Information for the  local HR Teams.

More information on how to conduct a quality Annual Review conversation is also available based on your role.

Annual Review Guidelines

Support is available for both Line Manager/Reviewers and Staff to ensure that the conversation is as effective as possible.

Annual Review Support and Resources