Relocation Support

English Language Support

There is English Language and Orientation Support available for relocating University employees and accompanying adult family members.

Moving to a new job in a new country can be an overwhelming prospect for you and your family. Even more so if you are from a refugee background.

English Language Support

Suddenly everything is in English and that can be daunting for both you and your family.  As an academic, you may need some support with aspects of Academic English. As a member of support staff, you may need support with other aspects of English for your job. Your adult family members may need help with improving language skills to cope with life in Edinburgh. We can help.

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Settlement in Edinburgh

Culture shock is real. Everything seems so different. How do I register with a doctor? How do I rent a flat? So many questions to be answered. Of course, we have information on our website to guide you and your family but you may still need support with this. We can help.

Edinburgh University Working Culture

You have to adapt to a new working environment and again, things are done differently in the workplace compared to your country.  Of course, all the information you need is on our website and you will have support within your School. However, you may need some extra support. We can help.

Priority will be given to staff from a refugee background.

This support is available to you during the first year of your employment at Edinburgh University and we offer up to 3 hours support in total.

If you are specifically interested in support with Academic English, please contact Anton Elloway at

To apply for this support as a member of support staff or, if you are interested for family members, contact Jane Hazelton at