Relocation Support

Living in Edinburgh

Information about living in Edinburgh, from accommodation options to information about travelling around.

Where will I live? How much will it cost? What about my family?

Edinburgh is one of Europe's most exciting cities and regularly ranks highly in 'Best Places to Live' polls. However, trying to decide where to live and thinking about moving to a new place can seem overwhelming at times. We have pulled some  information together that aims to answer your questions and give you some helpful tips on settling into Scotland's capital city.

Districts of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a highly sought after place to live, as a result, accommodation (both to rent and to buy) is taken quickly. Most people who relocate prefer to find temporary accommodation (short term rental) to begin with and take a little time getting to know the city and discovering the different areas.

Rental Options

A small amount of staff accommodation is available for the purpose of supporting staff, in the short term, in their initial relocation to Edinburgh. Staff accommodation is typically available on a 6 month basis and is intended as an interim arrangement.

Long Term Rental

Long term rental usually refers to anything rented for 6 months or longer. This page contains information about where to find rental property and your rights as a tenant.

Buying a Home

If you want to buy a house, there are some things you should consider.


Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city, and therefore is easily accessible by various reliable transport links.

Social Events and Leisure

The Relocation Support Service aims to organise regular events for employees and their families as a way of meeting colleagues who are in similar situations and also to give you the opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends.


A guide to what you can expect from the weather in Edinburgh!