Relocation Support


Health care in Scotland is provided by NHS Scotland. If you have relocated from outside the EU, you (and your accompanying family members) will have paid NHS surcharges as part of your application fee.



Most healthcare in Scotland has no extra charge. The exceptions are dental care and eye care (opticians). State run dentists are subsidised by the government, however, there is usually a small charge to pay depending on the treatment you require. This amount can vary, starting from around £10 and is capped at £384 for complex dental treatments. Opticians don't charge for testing your eyes, but any treatment required is chargeable. There are many opticians in Edinburgh, it is worth looking around to find one that best suits your needs.

You should try to register with a local doctor (known as a GP) and dentist as quickly as possible.

There is a free phone helpline which can advise you on finding and registering with your nearest healthcare providers: 0800 22 44 88

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