Evaluation Process

Details of the evaluation process for TRAIN@Ed Fellowships.

Evaluation Process

The selection process for TRAIN@Ed Fellowships will consist of five stages:

Stage 1  Eligibility Check

An eligibility check of candidates will be carried out to ensure candidates meet the TRAIN@Ed eligibility requirements. If the candidate does not meet eligibility criteria their application will not progress. Any ethical issues will also be noted at this stage.   

Stage 2: Referee Review

Applications from eligible candidates will then be sent to at least two external, independent referees for review. At least one referee will be from outside the UK. Each referee will submit a report on the candidate’s application using the standard template.

Stage 3: Industry Engagement Panel

An Industry Engagement Panel will review the research proposals, to assess the readiness of any industry partnership specifically articulated in the proposal. They may also suggest questions to the interview panel based on these criteria. Where a research proposal has not named a company or organisation, the committee will assess appropriate connections that already exist with the University, to explore options for the candidate. The selection for the industry partnering committee will draw on the University’s network of commercial engagement representatives across all disciplines that represent the multitude of research areas in which the University is active. Post-interview this committee will participate in setting the successful candidate’s placement and partnership, suggesting a representative to liaise on behalf of the university and to ensure the interests of the candidate are upheld with regard to intellectual property rights.

Stage 4: Interview

Interviews will be conducted in English and will either be held in person or using video conferencing technology. All experts on interview panels, internal or external to the university, will undertake training in how to minimise unconscious bias. They will be given clear evaluation criteria and asked to declare any prior relationships to the candidate to ensure transparency and openness in the process.

Stage 5: Final Selection

Final selection of Fellows will be made by the management committee following interview of all candidates based on the evaluations of the external reviewers and the interview panel.

Unsuccessful Applications and Appeals

Unsuccessful applicants will receive detailed feedback and will be encouraged to apply in the next call for applications. Applicants not satisfied with the outcome of their proposal will be able to appeal the decision. This option will be available to them for a period of two weeks from receiving the results from the selection process.

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