Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a query about your application, please check this page first as we will list answers to the most common questions.

I have a technical question about my application form, who should I contact?

If you have omitted something or made a mistake with your application , it may be that our systems team can 'unsubmit' your application and allow you to make any amendments yourself. You can contact the HR Business Systems team via the link below. Please remember to quote the vacancy reference number you applied for and your applicant number. 

HR Business Systems

Contact details

Chancellor's Fellowships are very popular roles and we receive a large amount of queries every day so,  wherever possible, check your application thoroughly and don't leave your submission until the last day.

My PhD will be completed in the Summer, am I eligible to apply?

For this round of recruitment candidates must have obtained their PhD already when their application is submitted. 

What format/detail should be included in my research proposal?

Please note that there are no general guidelines or requirements relating to the content and format of the outline of your proposed research programme. You might find it most helpful to get in touch with the University contacts for the areas of your interest. Contact details will be displayed at the top of each Chancellor's Fellowship advert.  

The advert says I only need 2 referees but the application form is asking me for 3 referees, how many should I give?

Normally we would ask for 3 referees for this level of role, however, for Chancellor’s Fellowships most areas are satisfied with 2. If your application form requests 3 referees this is because the area you are applying to still requires 3 referees. If this is the case please submit details of 3 people.  One reference must normally be obtained from the candidate’s current employer. For Academic staff only, the second reference may be an academic reference which can be viewed as a form of peer review, and may come from someone else directly involved in the applicant’s field who is based at a different institution.  

Should I submit references/letters of reference with my application?

No. Applicants are required to provide only the name and contact details of their referees when applying. Letters of Reference do not need to be submitted before the vacancy closing date. The University of Edinburgh will contact referees and provide all the information required to submit references at shortlist stage.  

My research interests fall into different theme areas, how many applications should I submit?

We welcome applications from a wide variety of disciplines and research areas relevant to our themes. If you would like to propose an interdisciplinary research programme involving different theme areas, it is suggested submitting an application to each of the areas that you would be interested in working with. Please note that if you are interested in more than one theme the system will only allow you to make one application per theme. The system does allow you to copy a previous application and make amendments as necessary. You should mention that you are applying to more than one area with an interdisciplinary programme in your supporting statement.

Are the 'personal statement' and 'research proposal' different documents?

Please note that the personal statement and the one-page outline of your proposed research programme are two separate documents.

The personal/supporting statement is the cover letter of your application and when applying online you can either type it in the box available on our application system or upload it to the system as an attachment in the 'Applicant Document' section. The research proposal is your suggested research programme outline.

Regarding the length of the personal statement, this is the same as a cover letter. It is advised to keep it short and succinct. Please note, if  you type your supporting statement directly into the box on the online system, the length is limited to 4000 characters.  

I have a question about the area I wish to research...

If your question is subject specific you may find it most helpful to get in touch with the University contacts for the subject areas of your interest. Contact details will be displayed at the top of each Chancellor's Fellowship advert.  

I received my PhD several years ago, can I still apply?

A rule has not been set in respect of the exact number of years after PhD completion you can apply. If you believe you meet the essential criteria you are welcome to apply.  

Should I attach writing samples, references, examples of my work?

The online system allows you to submit additional documents with your application. Our advice is to keep your additional documents to a minimum.