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eRecruitment Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions/issues raised about the e-Recruitment system. If there is something else that you feel would be useful to be added here please contact

Qu. How can I print out the CV and other documents which are attached to an application?

If you only want to print out one candidate application or if the merge applications into a PDF document is not working, you can individually print candidate applications.

You are able to do this from the eRecruitment back office.

If you click on Core Personnel >> Recruitment >> Recruitment Maintenance >> Applicant Status

Then enter your vacancy number, press enter and then click on search. This will list all the applicants that have been accepted into the back office for the vacancy. Select the applicant in question then click on the Application Detail button. This will open the application form in a new window. Scroll down to the Applicant Documents section. You can then save the applicant’s documents to you PC.

Alternatively, you can use PDF functionality.


Qu. How do I merge applications into a PDF document?

From The Applicant Status screen click on Generate applications. Put a tick in the box next to the applications to be generated and click ‘generate applications’. Please note, this can take up to 15 minutes to complete and you should not click on the button repeatedly. You will receive an email when this is complete. This generates an individual PDF for each application, if you wish to merge them into one document you need to go back into the Generate applications screen, put a tick in the box next to applications to merge and click Merge Applications. You will receive an email once this is complete (again this could take up to 15 minutes).


Qu. Can I use a temporary NI Number for an applicant?

If you are entering an applicant's details manually into the e-Recruitment system (i.e. they have not completed the online application process) you must enter their correct NI number so that if the person has a record on the HR system (e.g. if they are an ex-employee) it will be detected. You should only use a temporary NI number if the person genuinely doesn't have an NI number yet (e.g. if they have come from abroad). If you do enter a temporary NI number you must notify the HR systems team so that we can deal with it when it goes into the HR system. If you enter a temporary NI number for anyone that does have a record on the HR system then there is a risk that a duplicate record will be created.


Qu. Is there a direct link I can use to advertise my vacancy?

If you want to add a link onto your school’s website (or other sites) you can use the link below and replace the xxxxxx at the end of the link with your vacancy reference number:

View more details on the Direct Link for Job Advert webpage.


Qu. Where do I approve an appointment?

Once an applicant status has been changed to ‘Applicant Offered’ and the appointment details have been saved an email is sent to the approver asking them to approve the appointment. In order to approve an appointment the approver needs to login to the Core Portal (via MyEd), click on ‘quick jump’ (near the top of the screen) and select Core Workflow. This will bring up a screen with the details of any appointments awaiting approval.


Qu. How do I appoint to a post that has not been advertised

If you are appointing someone in the new e-recruitment system to a post that has not been advertised (i.e. you are adding the person manually without them applying through the online system), it is essential that you contact the HR Systems team to provide the person's date of birth BEFORE you change the Applicant status to 'Before Offer Check'. This ensures that the Before Offer Check works correctly and the correct status is recorded for the person. You can either contact HR Systems by email at or by telephone on 0131 650 8126 and provide us with the person's name, applicant number, vacancy ref & date of birth.


Qu. What is the standard closing time for vacancies?

It has been generally agreed that all vacancies, unless otherwise specified, will close at 5pm GMT.


Qu. What is the time out period on the e-recruitment system?

The time out on the e-recruitment system is now 8 hours.


Qu. Why can’t I view my internal only position on the vacancies web page?

If you have created an internal only position and you wish to view it on the vacancies web page then you must be registered as an internal candidate on the system. To do this you need to register as an applicant on the vacancies site and then follow the link on the left of the page for ‘Edinburgh University Staff Registration’ and enter your University Username (UUN)


Qu. Is there a way that I can view a list of all applicants that can be used during shortlisting?

There is a shortlisting report that is available through the eRecruitment universe in BI Suite. If you would like to know about gaining access to this report please contact the HR Systems Team.


Qu. Why do I have to contact HR Systems to add a person to view vacancies?

The access setup by HR Systems is to give the shortlisting panel member access to eRecruitment not access to a particular vacancy, this is done by the Originator. In the situation where a user has been previously set up on eRecruitment the notification to HR Systems will not be required.


Qu. Is there anything that can be done if I have not saved my copied job request and then use the back button as all your amendments are not saved?

Unfortunately the back button cannot be used in eRecruitment but as long as the Originator has saved the first half of the screen, should they hit the back button and the staff request disappears they will find it saved in their pending folder.


Qu. Can you allocate time slots to applicants when interview scheduling?

Yes, you can choose whether or not you want to allow applicants to choose their own time slots, if you do not want them to choose their own you can allocate a slot for them. (pg 33 onwards in the recruiter manual deals with interview schedules). There is also the ability in the Back Office to adjust the time slots if you have chosen to allocate the time slot rather than allow the applicant to choose it for themselves. If you have an issue with this please contact the HR Systems Team and we will talk you through this.


Qu. Can I include bold, italic or underlined text in my advert and can I have working links?

In order to show text as bold, italic, underlined or a hyperlink you need to add HTML code at the beginning and end of the text you are entering. Examples are shown below to help you.

To create a link you need to include the html code, the website address and the wording that you want the link to show. Please see example below:

<a href=""> HR Systems Team Website</a>

The link then shows as: HR Systems Team Website


For text to be bold you need: <b>Your Text Here</b>

Which results in: Your Text Here


For text to be in italics you need: <i>Your Text Here</i>

For Underlined text you need: <u> Your Text Here </u>

If you want text to be bold and underlined you would need <u><b>Your Text Here</u></b>


An interactive HTML "sandpit" is available from School of Informatics webpages: