Human Resources

Direct Link for Job Advert

Signpost applicants to a job advert by using a direct link.

Create a direct link

Recruiting managers can "signpost" applicants to their job advert by using a direct link.

The Vacancies page, which lists the job adverts, does not provide the direct link (direct URL) when you are viewing the job advert.

It is possible for the Recruiting manager to add the Vacancy Reference number (e.g. 035845) to the Job Ref widget, which will create the direct link (direct URL) for a job advert. This is helpful for creating a hyperlink which can be included in emails and webpages, which points the applicants to a specific job/vacancy.

Take me to Job Ref widget to create a link to my job advert


If the job advert is "only" being advertised internally, the widget will create the direct link (direct URL). However, when the applicant clicks on the link, a "Page cannot be displayed error" may appear. For reference, jobs which are advertised internally will "only" be visible to applicants who have logged into the Vacancies page AND completed their Edinburgh University Staff Registration.

Shortened URL

The Job Ref widget will produce a direct link (direct URL) which can be quite lengthy. This may cause unforeseen challenges when included in various forms of communications. For example, Social Media feeds e.g. Twitter may find the URL too long to include in a "tweet". Therefore, it is possible to insert the direct link (direct URL) into the Short URL widget which will create a Shortened URL.

Take me to Short URL widget to create a Shortened URL

Tracking Clicks

The Recruiting Manager may find value in how many times the Shortened URL has been clicked. It is possible for the manager to measure how many times the Shortened URL has been clicked (wiki requires EASE access), which may (or may not) provide insight into the depth of a target audience who viewed a communication which included the direct link (Shortened URL) to the job advert.

To further drilldown into specific analysis about clicking on a link, guidance is available for specifics on measuring clicking on a link (wiki requires EASE access).