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Legacy MRC & BBSRC Terms Information

Legacy MRC and BBSRC Terms Information

Pay Scales for Staff on Legacy BBSRC Terms

Pay Scales for Staff on Legacy MRC Terms

The University adopted the new MRC pay framework as agreed with MRC and its recognised Trade Unions in September 2011. Former MRC band 7a is termed XM7A in the University's grading system, band 7b is termed XM7B, band 8a is termed XM8A etc.

        XM Pay Scales 2023     

Proposal to Implement New MRC Framework

The proposal below was approved by the University's Joint Consultative Negotiating Committee at its meeting on 1 October 2012

Measures Agreed with LTUS in Relation to TUPE Transfer of Staff from MRC to UoE on 1 October 2011

The following former MRC policies continue to apply to staff employed on legacy MRC terms and conditions.

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