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Long Service Gifts

Information for those leaving the University.

Long service gifts are available for CMVM employees who are leaving the University with 25 or more years’ service.

You may choose a gift (or selection of gifts) up to the value of £60 (excluding VAT) from the University Gift Shop for the member of staff.

Gift Shop Website

Once you have made your selection of gift, you should email the Gift Shop to check that the items you have selected are in stock and to place your order. Where there are options available for a particular item (e.g. a choice of colour) please ensure you specify your preference.

Email the Gift Shop

Please also state in your email that you are placing an internal order for a long service gift that will be paid by MVM HR and give the name of the employee the gift is for. Please copy your email to MVM Staffing so that we can provide the funding codes for payment.

Depending on the choice of gift, you can ask for it to be delivered directly to your department or collect the gift from the University shop. The Gift Shop is located at 2 Charles Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AD. When placing your order please advise the Gift Shop of your delivery address or if you intend to collect the gift in person.

If you have any queries regarding this process please contact MVM Staffing.

Email MVM Staffing