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CMVM Recruitment Guidance

The checklist and guidance are designed to support good practice and legal compliance throughout the recruitment and selection process.

CMVM Recruitment Checklist

Job Grading

All new posts require formal grading by HR. Please complete and submit the Job Description Template  and submit via email to the the HR Business Support team at

Replacement posts only need to be graded if there is a significant change in the duties of the post and/or if the post was last graded more than three years ago. Where the post was graded with in the last three years and the duties remain the same as the previous post holder's then the post typically does not need to be graded again by HR.

Staff being appointed to a post where they are named on a grant or have obtained a personal fellowship still need to have their post formally graded.

Consider whether NHS Honorary Cover is required for the post and ensure that requirements for pre-employment checks are accurately captured in the job description. 

Further guidance, including advice on writing job descriptions is available on the main recruitment website.

Job Description Guidance (secured)

Grading Processes and Principles (secured)

College Strategy Group Approval 

Certain Senior Academic posts within CMVM require approval of the College Strategy Group (CSG) before recruitment.

Detailed information, as well as information on the composition of interview panels for Senior posts, is contained in the link below

Post Approval

Recruitment and job changes must not be initiated in People & Money until prior approval has been obtained under the following processes.

Subject to the parameters set out in the Employment Approvals Guidance, Main Budget Holder approval is required for posts drawing upon internal (unrestricted) funds within CMVM 

Please note that posts fully-funded from external (restricted funding) sources only require  approval from the School/Department Budget Holder. 

In order to obtain Main Budget Holder approval, a Job Requisition Business Case form should be completed for new or replacement post requests. Other contractual changes may be detailed in an email.

Approval must first be obtained from the Head of School/Dean, or in the case of College level functions, from the College Registrar.

Once approved, cases should be forwarded  to College HR  who will seek approval from the Head of Finance and Planning and Head of College.

Once full approval has been confirmed by the College HR team, appointments and changes may be progressed in People and Money

Redeployment Register

The University's Redeployment Register provides details of staff available for redeployment to those who are recruiting for staff in the University, enabling recruiters to identify potential candidates for their vacancies.

The use of the Register is required to support the redeployment of staff at risk of redundancy. It is essential that you search the Register for any potential candidates for your vacancy. If you appoint someone from the Register you do not need to advertise your post.

Any candidates on the Register who meet the essential criteria for your job should be invited for interview. For most jobs, you should search the Register and interview any suitable candidates before proceeding to advertise the post.

For senior appointments requiring very specific skills and experience and/or where there is a requirement for candidates to be at the forefront of their field or profession, candidates from the Redeployment Register may be considered alongside external candidates.

Criteria and guidelines for using the Redeployment Register

Staff who wish to be included in the Redeployment Register

Recruiting Managers who wish to search the Redeployment Register (secured)


Almost all posts must be advertised, at least internally only for a minimum of two weeks. The only posts that don’t require advertising are the following:

  • Where the post holder is named on a grant/has obtained a personal fellowship
  • Tutors and Demonstrators
  • A Short-term post of six months or less, but it should be noted that staff appointed to these posts without advertising cannot be extended beyond six months.
  • If you appoint someone from the redeployment register

To recruit to your post (whether it will be advertised or not) a job requisition needs to be raised through the People and Money system, further guidance available here

For details of the advertising and interview process please see the University's main Recruitment Guidance.

Interview & Appointment

Certain Senior Academic posts have specific requirements for the composition of interview panels and recruitment. Please see the document below which contains the details of the composition of Senior Academic recruitment panels.

Please see the University's main Recruitment Guidance for further details regarding interview and appointment.

In particular,  please refer to the section on Checking Eligibility to Work in the UK (secured), which provides details of the documentation that should be checked at interview. 

In addition, if the post is for a clinical member of staff; involves contact with NHS patients, tissue or data; or requires a Disclosure Scotland check for another reason, please also see the section on the documents required for obtaining NHS Honorary Cover, so you are able to request the relevant documentation from the candidates.


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