Human Resources

Director's Office

Information and contact details for the HR Director's office.


Name Role Phone Email
James Saville Director of Human Resources 508130
Linda Criggie Deputy Director HR  - Employee Relations, Reward, Employment Policy, Equality and Diversity 509722
Denise Nesbitt Deputy Director HR - Learning and Organisation Development, Resourcing 509680
Susan McNeill Interim Deputy Director HR Partnering: Colleges 242 9330
Jo Roger Interim Deputy Director HR Partnering: Professional Services 509681
Phil Spencer Director of HR Services 509838
Lorna Gilbert  Head of HR for Corporate Services Group (CSG)

Mike Cowan

Head of HR for USG, ISG and SEP 07920 592631
Clare Struthers Executive Officer 508128
Martyn Peggie

Deputy Director of HR  - Reward, Systems, Business Information and Resourcing   

(currently seconded to HR Transformation Programme Lead)

The phone numbers listed are six-figure extension numbers for internal dialling.

Dialling from outside the University, prefix with 0131 6.

Dialling from outside the UK, prefix with +44 131 6.