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Meet our Student Ambassadors

Meet our Student Ambassadors and get the inside story on living in Edinburgh and studying here.

Our Student Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about life as a student in Edinburgh and at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology. Email them! If you'd like to contact a specific ambassador address the email to them, alternatively the ambassadors will decide between themselves who is the best person to respond. 

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In the short videos below, our ambassadors Aalish and Olivia, answer some frequently asked questions.


Aalish studies Chinese and History and is from the Isle of Man.

Video: HCA UG student video - Aalish
Aalish answers some frequently asked questions.


Olivia studies History and is from Texas, USA.

Video: HCA UG student video - Olivia
Olivia, a 4th year History student from Texas, answers some FAQs




HCA Alia Walsh


Alia is a crystal collecting Sagittarius, studying an MA in Classical Studies. "I really like being in an environment where everyone is passionate about their subjects and their studies."

Find out Alia's student 'must do' 



Claire, a competitive cheerleader, is currently studying History and Politics.

What is Claire's top tip?

HCA Hanna 100x130


Hanna is currently studying Classical Studies and enjoys talking to friends about differences in cultures and languages. "I love that there are many opportunities to go to concerts, theatres, museums etc. and there are nice cafés everywhere."

What does Hanna find most challenging? 

HCA Ita 100x130


Ita is a theatre, old movies and book lover, currently studying MA Archaeology and Social Anthropology. "I love the Main Library! It’s an amazing place"

What does Ita love most about the library? 

HCA Josh


Josh, a History and Politics student,  encourages people to join societies to meet people.

Getting involved was key to Josh.

HCA Seth Silverberg 100


Seth is currently studying MA History & Scottish History. Originally from Belgium, Seth has lived in Edinburgh since 2014 and loves nothing more than snuggling with their rescue dog, Floki, and planning what design their next tattoo will be!

Seth suggests to 'Go for it!'



Sophia is a History and Economics degree, who feels the skills and knowledge she is gaining is equipping her for her future career.

Some sage advise on independant study from Sophia


HCA Verity


Verity, an Archaeology and Social Anthropology student, enjoys the variety of the degree. She feels students get their best of their degrees if the put the work in early.

Variety is what works for Verity's