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MA Scottish History

Edinburgh is the ideal location for intensive study of Scotland’s past.

St Kildans

The University has always been one of the great centres for the study of Scottish History. It offers an unrivalled concentration of expertise in this field with courses covering the political, intellectual, economic, social and cultural history of Scotland from the medieval period to the recent past.  These courses deal with the great events, movements and ideas that have defined the Scottish past, and with the individuals, communities and institutions that have shaped Scottish life. Particular emphasis is given to the history of Edinburgh, to Scotland’s evolving relationship with the other parts of the British Isles, and with the significant influence of Scots across the wider world. 

In studying for this degree you will benefit from the rich archival resources available not only within the University but also in the great collections based in the city, including the National Library, National Records, National Galleries and National Museums of Scotland.  


September 2017 entry


Year 1

In year 1 you will study the following courses:

  • The Historian’s Toolkit (20 credits)
  • The History of Edinburgh: From Din Eidyn to Festival City (20 credits)

20 credits from:

  • Medieval Worlds: A Journey through the Middle Ages (20 credits)
  • Early Modern History: A Connected World (20 credits)
  • Making of the Modern World (20 credits)

You will study a further 60 credits of other courses.

Year 2

In year 2 you will study the following courses:

  • Introduction to Historiography (20 credits)
  • Themes in Scottish History since 1560 (20 credits)

20 credits from:

  • Making and Breaking Medieval Britain: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales c.1100 - c1500 (20 credits)
  • Britain, Ireland and Empire c. 1800-2000 (20 credits)
  • Themes in Modern European History (20 credits)
  • Modern United States History (20 credits)
  • Global Connections since 1450 (20 credits)

You will study a further 60 credits of other courses.


Year 3

In year 3 you will study the following courses:

  • Skills & Methods in History I (20 credits)
  • Skills & Methods in History II (20 credits)
  • 80 credits of Honours options courses

Year 4

In year 4 you will study the following:

  • Dissertation (40 credits)
  • A further 80 credits of Scottish History courses

September 2018 entry

This programme is not available after 2017-2018.

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