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Good practice in public engagement

A short film about Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones’s lectures and workshops on Ancient Persia is being showcased by the University as an example of good practice in public engagement.

The popular speaker, whose books include ‘King and Court in Ancient Persia’, says:

“It has always been my mission to open up this wonderful area of study to a more general public, to give people a sense of how spontaneous and alive it is.”

Six-minute snapshot

The film describes Dr Llewellyn-Jones’s involvement in the Edinburgh-Iranian Festival and contains interviews with members of his local, national and international audiences.

Typical quotes from participants include:

“Anyone can come in. You don’t have to know the subject beforehand. You don’t have to be a member of the University.”

“I learnt a lot. [Ancient Persia] is an incredibly fascinating period and Lloyd’s enthusiasm for it is exactly what we need for people to prise open the way into these ancient worlds.”

“I have learned new things about the history of my country”.

“More accessible than just reading vast amounts of literature… brings people together.”

“I think it is very important for lecturers to have connections outside the university, to transfer their knowledge to people outside, who don’t have access to university venues on a daily basis”.

Audience memberEdinburgh-Iranian Festival

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