School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Celebrating the Archaeology alumnus who became South Korea’s President

Today, 6 March, sees the grand finale of an inaugural, two-day Symposium commemorating the life of the Archaeology alumnus, Yun Posun, who went on to become President of South Korea (1960-1962) and father of the Korean democratic movement.

Yun Posun received undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Edinburgh, while working in the Korean government-in-exile in the 1920s. Later, as President, Yun Posun was a champion of liberal democracy and citizens’ rights at a time of considerable political turmoil in his country. He resigned his Presidency in 1962 after a military coup.

Encouraging business and cultural links

It is hoped that the Symposium, which is being hosted in partnership with the Yun Posun Institute, will encourage new partnerships between the UK and Korea, promote longer-term understanding and the growth of contemporary Korean studies and culture in Scotland.

Today’s programme of talks and workshops focuses on improving business and cultural links between the two countries.

Discussions will culminate in the development of an action plan for future engagement, followed by the Yun Posun Memorial Lecture, a symposium dinner and a Korean Culture Show organised by the University’s Korean Students’ Society.

The Symposium is the first in a series that will be held each year.

Yun Posun Symposium