School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Traffic management around School over Fringe

The 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival is approaching - always a busy time around the School and Central Area. Find out about road closures and parking restrictions over this period. (Published 22 June 2017)

Assembly Theatre – East Leg of George Square – road closure

  • 26 June-4 September 2017 inclusive

Assembly Theatre – Parking dispensation of North side of Square

  • 2 July-4 September inclusive


In consultation with our Health and Safety experts and the City of Edinburgh Council, The University will be implementing the following:

ONE WAY SYSTEM - 11 July-1 August then again from 29 August to 6 September

  • For the whole of Crichton Street, George Square, George Square Lane beyond the South West corner of the Square, and onto the first 30m or so of Buccleuch Place. A mini-roundabout/U-Turn point installed on Buccleuch Place, and all appropriate signage.
  • Traffic will be permitted to enter Charles Street and Charles Street Lane and these sections of road will remain 2-way.
  • Exit from Charles Street will be strictly 'No Left Turn'/'Right Turn Only' in able to comply with the 1-way system.
  • Exit from George Square Lane in the North West corner of the Square will be strictly 'No Left Turn'/'Right Turn Only' in able to comply with the 1-way system.
  • The One Way system will be implemented from 11 July to 1 August then again from 29 August to 6 September.



  • The proposal for 2017 is to again pedestrianise the area across the top (North) of George Square for the duration of the Fringe (plus preview days) (2-28 August)
  • Between 03:00 and 10:00 daily access will be available to Charles Street and Charles Street Lane, without anything but the existing restrictions.
  • The area of road between the Crichton St/Potterrow junction and the George Square/Charles St junction will be a closed/restricted route between 10:00 and 03:00 daily.
  • This area will be 'manned' by Council/Police sanctioned traffic management personnel who will decide on whether vehicles arriving between 10:00 and 03:00 will be allowed access to Charles Street, Charles Street Lane or the laybys on Crichton Street for deliveries if available.
  • There would be no exceptions (except emergency vehicles) allowed entry to the North side of George Square. Cyclists will be required to dismount when moving through the North George Square area.
  • Taxis would be prohibited from entering Crichton Street and would be encouraged to drop/off and pick up on the West side of George Square where there is ample room to turn around (North West Corner).
  • The One-Way scheme would be removed for the period of the Fringe and re-instated for the get-out period from 29 August to 6 September.