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Staff Success at Teaching Awards

The School is delighted to congratulate winners and nominees at the Edinburgh University Students' Association Teaching Awards. (Published 1 May, 2017)

Teaching Awards 2017

At a ceremony in the Debating Hall at Teviot Row House on Thursday 27 April, the winners of the annual EUSA Teaching Awards were announced. Everyone in the School was thrilled to see Karen Howie (School IT Manager) given the Best Support Staff Award and Dr Adam Budd the Ian Campbell Award for Teaching in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Also nominated from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology were:

Best Course

Archaeology of Architecture; British Politics and Policy in the Second World War; Colonial Wars and Modernising Missions; Empresses and Others; France since 1940; Gender Identities between the Two World Wars; Here comes the war: conflict archaeology and the human past; Medieval Worlds; Myth and the History of Scholarship in Early Modern Europe; Thinking the 20th Century; Roman Satire; Social History 1.1 British Society; The Making of the United States; The Third Reich 1933-1945, and Topics in Byzantine Literary History.

Best Feedback

David Kaufman; Dominic Berry; Donald Bloxham; Emanuele Intagliata and Monica Azzolini.

Best Overall Teacher

Adam Budd; Adam Fox; Andreas Gavrielatos; Calum Maciver; Chris Harding; David Bloxham; David Kaufman; David Silkenat; Dominic Berry; Donald Bloxham; Donncha O'Rourke; Emanuele Intagliata; Emile Chabal; Emma Hunter; Enda Delaney; Fabian Hilfrich; Felicity Green; Frank Cogliano; Hannah Shepherd; Jeremy Crang; Judy Barringer; Marc Di Tomassi; Martin Chick; Monica Azzolini; Richard Sowerby; Robert Crowcroft; Stephan Malinowski, and Tanja Romankiewicz.

Best Personal Tutor

Adam Fox; Andreas Gavrielatos; Candace Rice; Cordelia Beattie; Donncha O'Rourke; Elena Kranioti; Enda Delaney; Ewen Cameron; Julian Goodare; Kimberley Czajkowski; Manuel Fernández-Götz; Marc Di Tomassi; Richard Rawles; Robert Mason; Stuart Clark, and Ulf-Dietrich Schoop.

Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor

Anna Feintuck; Calum Maciver; Catriona Pickard; David Kaufman; Douglas Cairns; Elena Kranioti; Emile Chabal; Fabian Hilfrich; Gordon Pentland; Kathleen McSweeney; Niels Gaul; Sandra Bingham; Stephan Malinowski, and Zubin Mistry.

Best Student Who Tutors

Alison John; Andrew Phemister; Ben Rogers; Fraser Reed; Gary Hutchison; Mara Karell; Marc Di Tomassi; Monica Skaten; Nick Batho; Sarah Laurenson; Sophie Cooper, and Tristan Herzogenrath-Amelung.

Best Support Staff

Alan Dalton; Jo Wilkie

Karen Howie's staff profile

Dr Adam Budd's staff profile

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