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Dr Ugolini awarded Gladstone History Book Prize

Dr Wendy Ugolini, has been awarded the Gladstone History Book Prize for her publication, Experiencing War as the 'Enemy Other': Italian Scottish Experience in World War II.

Dr Ugolini#0027s book cover - Experiencing War as the #0027Enemy Other#0027

This prestigious prize is awarded by the Royal Historical Society for a first book on a historical subject which is not primarily related to British history. The judges said: “This book explores the phenomenon of 'hybrid identity', of belonging to two cultures which are at war with each other, in this case the second generation Italian migrants in Scotland in the Second World War. Using interviews with forty-five members of the community, she looks at the role of Italian fascist clubs in the 1930s and the increased suspicion of all things Italian which developed early in the war. The books contrasts personal narratives with national and local government records, secret service reports and newspapers to paint an informative and detailed account of the lives of one small alien community. In so doing it adds another dimension to our knowledge of social interaction and identity in the Second World War.”

The RHS also awarded Dr Aaron Allen (PhD in Scottish History, Edinburgh) the David Berry Prize for his article 'Conquering the Suburbs: Politics and Work in Early Modern Edinburgh', Journal of Urban History (2011).

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