School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Fraser Raeburn awarded Scottish research essay prize

A second postgraduate student from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology has won a prestigious prize this week.

The Economic & Social History Society of Scotland has announced that the winner of its Research Essay 2012 Prize is Fraser Raeburn, (MSc History).

The news comes shortly after the announcement that PhD student Jeff Wolf has been awarded the Scottish History Society Prize for best research transcription.

Economic & Social History Society of Scotland award

The Economic & Social History Society of Scotland’s annual postgraduate award, won by Fraser, is for a piece of writing on Scottish social, economic or cultural history.

Fraser’s winning entry was ‘Fae nae hair Te grey hair they answered the call’: Explaining the prominence of Glaswegian volunteers in the British Battalion of the International Brigades.

In it, Fraser argues for a greater focus on local political cultures and structures in order to explain the volunteering phenomenon in Britain.

He also calls for greater appreciation of Scottish perspectives in the wider historical literature dealing with Britain and the Spanish Civil War.

His prize includes a cash award and the essay itself will be considered for publication in the Journal of Scottish Historical Studies.