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PhD student takes first prize

Mara Karell was awarded ‘Best Oral Presentation’ at the fourth Scottish Student Forensic Sciences Research Symposium in Dundee. (Published 4 June, 2018)

HCA Mara Karell
Mara receives the prize for best oral presentation at the Scottish Student Forensic Research Sciences Symposium.

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology was delighted to hear that Mara Karell, an archaeology PhD student, took first prize for best oral presentation at the 4th Scottish Student Forensic Research Sciences (SSFRS) Symposium in Dundee in March .

The SSFRS is a student-led research based symposium where Scottish students undertaking research in forensic disciplines share research and make connections to foster a strong research community.

Mara said, "It was a honour to have my work recognized by the Scottish Forensic Science community, especially among such an outstanding range of research."

Mara, an MSc Forensic Anthropology at Edinburgh graduate, presented on ‘Pair-matching petrous portions and inner ears using a digital mesh-to-mesh value comparison method: implications for commingled remains’. She was joined at the symposium by three fellow Edinburgh students Andrea Bonicelli, Julieta Gomez and Joanna Bonczarowska.