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PhD and MScR retreat at The Burn

A group of PhD and MScR students and staff took part in the School's annual retreat at The Burn. (Published 7 May, 2018)

HCA The Burn
Students and staff at The Burn.

A group of 15 PhD and MScR students as well as three staff members from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology went on a academic weekend retreat to the Burn, a short-stay study and leisure-break centre near Brechin in Angus.

The two days provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of a PhD project, relax in new environment and feel a real sense of collegiality. Highlights included beautiful walks along the riverside, hard fought table tennis matches and historical quizzes. 

Graham Blackbourn said, 'It was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow research students better, together with staff members, in a relaxed and friendly setting.  I learnt a lot without really trying, and it provided plenty of food for thought regarding possibilities for my future research. I would strongly recommend the weekend at the Burn for PhD and, like me, MScR students in future years.' 

Gladys Mazloum agreed, 'Our visit to the Burn Retreat was a marvellous experience. We sometimes feel that we need to be almost sombre and frowned scholars taking everything too seriously; this was a nice opportunity to light-up and to remind ourselves why do we want to be PhDs.'

As part of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology's ongoing commitment to the development of its postgraduate community, the School subsidised this visit to the Burn.

You can find out more about what happens, and the benefits, of the retreat in Sarah Cassidy's blog at Pubs & Publications.


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