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2018/19 MSc in History ODL Scholarships awarded

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology have announced the awardees of the 2018/19 online MSc in History OL Scholarships. (Published 21 September, 2018)

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The 2018/19 online MSc in History ODL Scholarships have been awarded to Andrew Mathis and Chris Slocombe.

 The scholarship, which covers the cost of a 20 credit course, is open to current students of the online MSc in History programme who have completed at least one module. The scholarships were introduced as a means to encourage academic excellence as well as to recognise the challenges faced by those students studying outside of the traditional University environment.

 On receiving the award Chris said, “I'm honored and very appreciative for this vote of confidence in my academic ability and for the School's continued support in my development as a scholar. Equally important is the financial impact this will have on my family. We are currently a single-income family with two young children, so this award will go a long way in helping us make ends meet."

 Andrew said, “I'm thrilled to receive this ODL scholarship and I'm grateful to the department and HCA for recognizing non-traditional students like me.”

 The online MSc in History has been running in the School since 2013 and allows students to manage work, childcare or other personal commitments whilst studying at their pace and developing their own specialised interest under the expert guidance of our distinguished academics.

 Co-Programme Director of the Online MSc in History, Dr David Kaufman, said, “I would like to congratulate our two well-deserved award winners who not only have achieved academic success but also successfully manage to balance their work and studies.  It is fantastic that the School values our online students, and invests in them with these awards”.

 The School send warmest congratulations to Andrew and Chris on their awards.


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