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Riots, Headscarves and Mistresses

Rethinking the past

Crowd with banner "Je suis Charlie"

For two centuries or more, most French people, and many foreigners, considered French politics to be at the vanguard of history. But in the past four decades, this image has been shattered. France now seems to be a European country like any other, with the usual combination of socio-economic stagnation and bland politics. In this talk, Dr Emile Chabal will offer new perspectives on this transformation, focusing on the revival of French republicanism since the 1980s and suggesting that France’s current ‘crisis’ reflects, not simply the promises and pathologies of French political culture, but also a deep unease about national identity in Europe more generally.

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Lecture series

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Aug 13 2015 -

Riots, Headscarves and Mistresses

Come to our free lecture to hear new perspectives on contemporary French politics.

Anatomy Lecture Theatre, University of Edinburgh, Doorway 3, Medical School, Teviot Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AG