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Inside the Scorpion’s Nest

Rethinking the past

Praetorian Guards in trimphal arch Rome 50Ad
Praetorian Guards in triumphal arch Rome 50Ad, by Michael Jones

The Praetorian Guard was an elite Roman military force, in existence for over three hundred years.  Adapted from a republican institution by the first emperor Augustus, it was in essence the personal army of the man in power. But is the reputation that the guard has in the modern imagination – making and breaking emperors, for example – justified? Dr Sandra Bingham, Senior Teaching Fellow in Classics, reveals her views.

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This event is part of a series of public lectures which aim to challenge popular beliefs and reassess intriguing events. See the menu on the right for more details.

Aug 10 2015 -

Inside the Scorpion’s Nest

Come to our free lecture revealing the true reputation of the Praetorian Guard.

Anatomy Lecture Theatre, University of Edinburgh, Doorway 3, Medical School, Teviot Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AG