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Scottish History postgraduate reading group 2021/22

The Scottish History Postgraduate Reading Group meets throughout the year. Please join the mailing list to receive materials.

Time and location

You are warmly invited to join the Postgrad Scottish History Reading Group. We meet fortnightly on Fridays at 13.30 (online via Collaborate) to discuss a wide range of articles of interest to those who study Scottish history. All PG students and alumni are welcome. If you are interested in joining the group, please email Helen Lowe at You will then be added to the mailing list so you can be sent preparation information and the joining links for each session. The titles for the remaining sessions are listed below.

Event schedule

Semester 2 2021/22

Date Topic
Fri 28 Jan

'Examining identity via the material culture (jewellery, dress and coinage) of medieval Scotland'

Fri 11 Feb 'Scottish education: the democratisation of secondary schooling in the early twentieth century '
Fri 4 Mar

'Women and gendered identities in reserved occupations in Clydeside during the Second World War'

Fri 18 Mar

'Gaelic in the labour market in 19th century Scottish Highlands'

Fri 1 Apr

'The origins and development of Scottish local Government'

Semester 1 2021/22

Date Topic Join 

Friday 29 Oct

‘What makes a good journal article? Winner and runner ups of the 2021 David Berry Prize’

Preparation material


Friday 12 Nov 

‘Literature and Scottish History: a case study of Women of Independence’


Friday 26 Nov

‘Material Culture and Scottish History: the romanticisation and commodification of Tartan’


Friday 10 Dec

Brainstorming session for semester 2 topics