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Semester 2, 2022/23

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Tue 31 Jan

History of Celebration

  • The basics of attending academic conferences, including writing a journal paper and preparing a presentation
  • 'How does history serve as a celebration of national consciousness and identity?'
  • 'Vows, obligation, and transaction: Applying Gift Theory to late Medieval Christian pilgrimage c.1300-1500'
  • 'Jewish and Roman perspectives on the Roman victory in the first Jewish War'
  • 'The first Pride was a Protest: Commemorative practices after Stonewall - from the GLF to World Pride'

1 George Square, G.8 Gaddum LT


Mon 13 Feb Frontiers of History

What does it mean to write history in the centre? What does it mean to write history from below? How does the centre relate to the peripheries? What is the role of historians in the centre-periphery binary? What constitutes the historical ‘otherness’? What are the differences between micro and macrohistory? We encourage you to rethink history in terms of global, national, and local approaches. Theoretically speaking, what do they change?

Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 5



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The Edinburgh University History Society is for students who love history, regardless of their degree, serving as both a social and academic space.

History Society - EUSA

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