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Modern Spanish History Doctoral Seminars

The Modern Spanish History Doctoral Seminar is a unique student-led initiative which enables postgraduate researchers from across the world to share their research in a supportive, multilingual environment. The organisers also hold occasional talks from some of the leading personalities in the field of modern Spanish history.

The purpose of the Modern Spanish History Doctoral Seminar has always been to act as a supportive forum for international researchers from any relevant field to share their findings and exchange ideas on the modern history of Spain. More than this, we hope to maintain and expand our strong community of doctoral students from across the world on the basis of our common commitment to a multidisciplinary understanding of modern Spanish history. To that end, we hold our weekly online sessions in English, Spanish or Catalan according to the preferences of the speaker. We welcome proposals from researchers at any stage of their work, but particularly those undertaking doctoral study, on any aspect of Spanish history from the 19th century onward. 

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Unless otherwise stated, all seminars are online from 4pm.

Semester 1 2022/23

Date Speaker Topic
Thu 5 May Guest lecture from Dr Julius Ruiz (University of Edinburgh) 'The black legend revisited: Servicio de Información Militar (SIM) in Republican Spain'
Wed 11 May

Beatriz Fernández de Castro (Universidad de Cádiz),

'Mujeres artistas en la España de los 70: una aproximación desde el enfoque de género'
Wed 18 May

Adrian Pole (University of Edinburgh)

‘Soldiers of Culture’ and ‘Little Comrades’: The International Brigades, children, and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1938.
Wed 25 May Ferran Calvet González 9Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

'Born in the U.S.A: El cine de explotación en la España del tardofranquismo: cuatro ejemplos paradigmáticos'

Wed 1 Jun

Tobias Jonas Klee (Freie Universität Berlin)

'“El pit may assecat”. Terra, Mother of Catalonia'
Wed 8 Jun

Guest lecture from Professor Peter Anderson (Leeds)

'The Age of Mass Child Removal in Spain'
Wed 15 Jun

Laura Bolaños Giner (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

'Prostitución clandestina en Madrid durante el primer franquismo'
Wed 22 Jun

Borja Pérez Climent (Universitat de València)

'¿Fascismo a ambos lados del Atlántico? Una comparación de las trayectorias de Falange Española y la Ação Integralista Brasileira (AIB)'
Wed 29 Jun

Laia Gallego Vila (Universitat de Barcelona)

'The mining industrialization of Alt Berguedà (Barcelona, Spain): household, identity and ideology'
Wed 6 Jul

Arnau Fernández Pasalodos (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

'Usos y abusos de la violencia partisana en España (1936-52): entre el mito y la realidad'
Wed 13 Jul

Alícia Hernàndez Grande, (Northwestern University)

'Catalonia's Stolpersteine: Historical memory, the Holocaust, and the city scape'
Wed 20 Jul

Diego de la Calle y Díaz (EHESS)

'"The crisis of Communist identity during the Spanish Transition: Return from exile, fracture of social ties and destruction of militant bases (1973-1986). The political demobilization of a rebel neighbourhood: Villaverde and the end of the anti-Franco struggle'
Wed 27 Jul

Guest lecture from Dr Gloria Román Ruiz (Universidad de Granada)

'"Que es un abuso lo que se está cometiendo con la harina". Resistencias cotidianas femeninas durante el franquismo'

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Spanish History Conference: Identity, State and Society in Modern Spain 

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