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ArchSoc seminar series

Edinburgh University Archaeology Society (ArchSoc) host regular research seminars throughout the academic year, which are open to all.

Time and location

ArchSoc seminars usually take place on Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm on Zoom.  More information can be found on the Archsoc Facebook and Twitter profiles. Admission is free for ArchSoc members and £3 for non-members.

Semester 1 2021/22

Date Speaker Subject Tickets
Wednesday 29th Sept

Jessica Nutt

‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence: An interdisciplinary investigation of the Orkneyinga saga and the history of medieval Orkney’ Tickets
Wednesday 13th Oct Gordon Noble

‘Pictish Powerhouse of the North: Recent Excavations at Burghead’

Wednesday 27th Oct Guillermo Diaz de Liano del Valle

‘Personhood during the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age in the SouthEast of the Iberian Peninsula’

Wednesday 10th Nov Dr Manuel Fernandez-Götz (University of Edinburgh)

‘The Fluctuating Frontier: Approaching Roman and Native Interactions in Northern Britain through Multi-scalar Research’

Wednesday 24 Nov Dr Joanne Rowland (University of Edinburgh)

‘Conserving and valorising earliest Egypt. The past, present and future of the lesser-known heritage of the Nile Valley.’

Wednesday 1 Dec Beatrijs de Groot

‘Shaping societies: the spread of the potter's wheel in SW Europe (1000-0 BCE)’

Wednesday 15th Dec Ioannis Lirtzis

‘Interdisciplinary approaches to the Kastrouli Project: a Mycenean Settlement in southern Phokis, Greece’



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Edinburgh University Archaeology Society (ArchSoc)

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