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Speakers and papers

Information about the schedule, speakers and papers for the conference.


The conference will begin at 14.00 hrs on Monday 30 September 2013 and conclude at approximately 18.30 hrs on Tuesday 1 October 2013. There will be sixteen papers (each of c. 25 minutes, followed by discussion of c. 15 minutes).

Speakers and papers

Confirmed speakers and paper titles
Speaker Paper title
Prof. Elizabeth Asmis (Chicago) ‘Lucretius’ Reception of Epicurus’
Dr David Butterfield (Cambridge) TBC
Dr Gordon Campbell (Maynooth) ‘Lucretius and Stoic Poetic Theory and Practice’
Prof. Joseph Farrell (Penn) ‘Lucretian Fundamentalism’
Dr Emma Gee (St Andrews) ‘The Rising and Setting Soul (Lucretius Book 3)’
Dr Nora Goldschmidt (Durham) ‘Reading the Implied Author in De rerum natura’
Prof. Duncan Kennedy (Bristol) ‘Philosophy as a discourse of defeat?’
Dr Andrew Morrison (Manchester) ‘Arguing over Text(s): Philosophical and/vs. Literary Critical Approaches to Lucretius’
  ‘Vision in Lucretius and Virgil’
Prof. Damien Nelis (Geneva) ‘Locating Lucretius: constructing an epic tradition’
Dr Jason Nethercut (Knox College) ‘Lucretius’ Water Cycle and the Subversion of Literary History’
Dr Donncha O’Rourke (Edinburgh) ‘Infinity and Closure in Lucretius’
Prof. Alessandro Schiesaro (Rome) TBC
Prof. Wilson Shearin (Miami) ‘The play of the Lucretian signifier: Saussure’s anagrammatic readings of 'De rerum natura'’
Dr Barney Taylor (Oxford) ‘Literary Language in 'De Rerum Natura’'
  ‘The Empedoclean opening: anticipation, hindsight and misdirection’